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Antalya region is famous for its beautiful beaches with breathtaking landscapes and coasts. It is also called as the Turquoise Coast. You’ll find wide range of beautiful bays and coves with impressive beaches and spend a great day out. And where some are pebbled one while others are golden sandy.

Visiting these beautiful beaches should be one of the top things to do in Antalya. The whole Antalya region is home to a more than 500 km. of great sandy and pebbled shorelines, Blue Flagged beaches with crystal clear waters and pine forested mountains at the background. And so called the Turquoise Coast.

You can enjoy the fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, take a romantic walk, or do variety of water sports such as banana boat rides, jet ski, paragliding, and lots of space to sunbath.

Top Best Beaches in Antalya

Konyaalti Beach

The Konyaalti Beach is the main city beach that is extending for about 7 km from the Antalya harbor. The beach is a 1,5 km. long blue-flagged and pebbled beach. The waters are crystal clear and like an aquarium especially in the mornings.

You can simply jump on the tram heading west from the town center and easily access this lovely beach at the last stop. You can also find and do variety of water sports activities.

Mermerli Beach

The Mermerli beach is a pretty beach located just in the historic center of Antalya, at the end of the marina, Kaleici Harbor. This beach is a popular city beach and has calm waters.

Inciralti Beach

The Inciralti beach is another popular one located next to the Lara beach. It is a public beach, and has calm waters.

Kemer Moonlight Beach

Moonlight beach is the most popular beach in of the Kemer resort of Antalya. The beach is a 500 meters long and golden sandy one and situated right by the Kemer marina, in an impressive bay.

The beach promenade is very attractive with lots of classy beach clubs, cafes, restaurants and boutique shops. You’ll also find variety of water sport activities. Continue reading…

Lara Beach

The blue-flagged beach of Lara beach resort is a 8 km. long sandy beach and facilities here are great. You can have a great beach day out here soaking up the sun, swim and do water sports. The sand is yellow and thin here. The waters are also more warmer than the other beaches in and around Antalya.

You can also find a range of water sports centers offering bananas, paragliding, jet-ski, kayaking and pedalos.

Cleopatra Beach

The Cleopatra beach is the famous beach of the Alanya resort of Antalya. The name is given after the legend that Cleopatra and Antonius swam here.

It is a 2 km. long blue-flagged and fine sandy beach that is starting from the end of the nearby Damlatas beach. The beach has shallow and crystal clear waters.

Damlatas Beach

The Damlatas beach is a beautiful one of the Alanya and situated right in front of the historical Damlatas Cave. It is also a blue-flagged one and very popular around Alanya region.

Incekum Beach

The Incekum Beach is situated very close to Alanya, in a lovely environment and shaded by pine trees. The beach area is also a popular camping place.

The beach is a 1 km. long fine sandy and blue-flagged beach. It has shallow waters which attracts its visitors and very ideal for camping lovers, and especially families with kids.

Evrenseki & Kumkoy Beaches

The Evrenseki and Kumkoy beaches are the popular beaches of Side resort of Antalya. Evrenseki is the public beach of the region.

Both beaches are sandy ones and has all the necessary services for beach-goers.

Phaselis Beach

The ancient city of Phaselis has lovely beaches through its three ancient harbors. It is located between the Tekirova and Camyuva resorts of Kemer.

The beach at the south harbor is the most popular and excellent one with beach facilities like WC and showers. The beach and the panorama is very impressive. The beach is a mixture of sand and pebbles.

The coastline is very beautiful with sunbathing and camping area. You’ll see lots of yachts moored and daily boat trips’ visitors.

Cirali Beach

Cirali resort of Kemer has a lovely beach situated in a wonderful bay and naturally protected area with pine forests and Beydaglari Mountain range at the background.

Cirali beach is a 3,5 km. long blue flagged one and has crystal clear water. It extends to the nearby famous Olympos beach.

You’ll see lots of boats and yachts moored here. You’ll also find many beach cafes and restaurants lined up at the beachfront.

Olympos Beach

Olympos resort of Kemer is situated just right after Cirali, and the Olympos beach is situated just after the Cirali beach.

With pine forests, ancient city ruins and Beydaglari mountain range at the background, the Olympos beach is about 400 meters long, golden sandy one and very ideal for swimming and sunbathing. The area is famous with the hippies.

Adrasan Beach

Adrasan resort of Kemer has an impressive beach situated in a wonderful cove. The region is a naturally protected area.

The Adrasan beach is a 2 km. long and blue flagged one and offers several water sports and beach activities. You’ll see lots of boats and yachts moored.

The Adrasan cove is also a popular destination for scuba diving and deep sea fishing lovers. The crystal clear waters and underwater environment make Adrasan one of the best diving locations in through Antalya.

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