Chimaera (Yanartas) in Cirali (What to Expect? Video Tour)

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Chimaera (Yanartas), known as “the Eternal Flames” is a very supernatural place are where you’ll see flames burn right on the rocks without any apparent fuel or heat source. It is situated on the sloped of the Mount Chimaera, near the famous Olympos Valley and Cirali resort of Kemer.

You can take an evening hike through this amazing place along with its pine forests with scenic views. The region is also a popular trekking trail along the Lycian Way.

You can enjoy the picturesque views of the Cirali coast, take beautiful photos, and have a fantastic moments here.

Legend of Chimaera

According to the Greek myth based on Chimaera, there was a fire breathing monster that is a combination of a lion, goat and snake. The monster also has three heads. The Lycian King sends a young boy named Bellerophontes for a battle with this fire breathing monster.

Bellerophontes fights with Chimaera with his winged horse named Pegassos. He hits Chimaera with his spear and buries it into the seven depths of the ground. And since than Chimaera continues to breath fire.

What to Expect?

Chimaera is situated by a 1 km. uphill path from the base of the hill situated right next to the Cirali resort.

When you reach there, especially in the early evening, you’ll witness a heaven place under the stars and see the burning flames on a site of a dozens of small fires burning from the vents in the rocks.

This is a kind of methane gas that has been emitting from the ground for many thousands of years.

You can also enjoy the stunning views of the Cirali coast and Mediterranean, take photos, drink from a natural cold springs.

Video Tour

How to Get There?

Chimaera (Yanartas) is situated on a hill, in the Cirali resort, about 35 km. from Kemer. and 81 km. from central Antalya.

From the bridge in the Cirali center, you need to continue along the orange groves for about 3,5 km. and reach the entrance of Chimaera (Yanartas).

You’ll also see ruins of the temple of Hephaistos, the Greek god who was associated with fire through his role as the blacksmith to the gods.

You’ll now need to go 1 km. uphill climb, about half an hour and finish the 1200 steps along the slightly curved pathways.

You’ll see banks on the way, so that you can have a rest, enjoy the breathtaking views and take pictures of the beautiful bay of Cirali.

There is an admission fee of 5 TL.

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