Mount Tahtali Sea to Sky Cable Car (Olympos Teleferik, Tickets)

Are you looking for a unique and breathtaking experience during your trip to Antalya? Look no further than Mount Tahtali and the Sea to Sky Cable Car! This adventure offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, and is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Mount Tahtali is the highest mountain situated very close to the sea on the Antalya region. It has an altitude of 2,365 meters. You can access here via the cable car (Sea to Sky – Olympos Teleferik) and enjoy the stunning 360 degree panoramic views of along Kemer coasts.

Fast Facts

  • Mount Tahtali stands at 2,365 meters (7,759 feet) tall
  • The Sea to Sky Cable Car is the longest cable car ride in Europe and the second-longest in the world
  • The cable car ride takes approximately 10 minutes to reach the summit
  • The cable car has a capacity of 80 people per cabin
  • Mount Tahtali is also known as Olympus and was believed by the ancient Greeks to be the home of the gods

What to Expect?

If you want a break during from your hotel days, you should take a day out, hop on the Mount Tahtali cable car and access the summit. The Sea to Sky Cable Car is a thrilling experience that takes you from the base of Mount Tahtali to its summit. The ride offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Taurus Mountains, and the surrounding countryside.

You’ll really have fun with the 10 minutes aerial cable car, enjoy the mountain breezes, watch sunset and sunrise, do hiking, trekking, climbing, paragliding, and have a romantic dinner on the hilltop restaurant. You can even have a great ski experience here in winter.

Once you reach the summit of Mount Tahtali, there are several things to see and do:

  • Take in the panoramic views: From the top of Mount Tahtali, you can see the Mediterranean Sea, the Taurus Mountains, and the surrounding countryside. It’s a truly breathtaking view.
  • Explore the hiking trails: There are several hiking trails around the summit of Mount Tahtali. These trails offer a chance to explore the local flora and fauna and take in even more stunning views.
  • Enjoy a meal with a view: There are several restaurants at the top of Mount Tahtali, offering traditional Turkish cuisine and panoramic views. It’s the perfect way to relax and take in the scenery.
  • Paragliding: For the adrenaline junkies, paragliding is a popular activity on Mount Tahtali. Soaring through the air, you’ll get a unique perspective of the mountains and sea below.
  • Watch the sunset: The sunset from the top of Mount Tahtali is a must-see experience. As the sun sinks below the horizon, the sky is painted with a myriad of colors, casting a magical glow over the landscape.

Sunrise & Sunset Programs

There is also Sunrise or Sunset programs to take part where you can have romantic meal and moments in the company of spectacular views of the Mediterranean and Beydaglari mountain rage.


There is a paragliding facility on the summit for the ones who love adrenalin on top of the highest mountain in the region.


Bungee-Catapult is another exhilarating one that you’ll definitely like and feel how the pilots feel during their maneuvers with plane.

Trekking & Hiking

For the adventure lovers, Mount Tahtali offers excellent opportunities for trekking and hiking. You can enjoy the beautiful hiking trails of the region, have summit trekking in winter (only available with Alpine clothing and equipment), climbing to the peak in spring, summer or autumn months.

There are various routes available, ranging from easy to difficult, allowing visitors to choose the one that suits their fitness levels and preferences. Some of the popular hiking and trekking trails include:

  • The Tahtali Summit Trail: This is the most popular hiking trail that takes you to the summit of Mount Tahtali. The trail is around 7 km long and takes approximately 4-5 hours to complete. It offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, and you can enjoy a refreshing cup of tea or coffee at the mountaintop cafe.
  • The Olympos Coastal Trail: This trail starts at the ancient city of Olympos and takes you through the lush green forests, canyons, and valleys of the Tahtali Mountains. The trail is around 15 km long and takes approximately 6-7 hours to complete. It offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coastline and the surrounding mountains.
  • The Three Lakes Trail: This trail takes you through the scenic forests and meadows of the Tahtali Mountains and offers breathtaking views of the three lakes – Sulu Gol, Uc Gol, and Yilanli Gol. The trail is around 9 km long and takes approximately 5-6 hours to complete.


You can take your bikes with you to the cable car and access the summit. It is allowed. You can than enjoy the heaven nature and pathways along the Beydaglari National Park. There are several trails and routes for cycling enthusiasts, ranging from easy to challenging. Biking through the pine forests and up the mountain slopes offers a unique perspective of the surrounding landscape. Some visitors choose to bring their own bikes, while others prefer to rent them on site.

For those who prefer a more leisurely ride, the Sea to Sky Cable Car offers a special “bike and ride” package, where visitors can take their bikes up the mountain on the cable car and then cycle down. This is a thrilling way to experience the mountain scenery and enjoy a fun and exhilarating ride.

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Visiting Information

Opening Hours

Mount Tahtali Cable Car operates daily on the hour and half-hour schedule.

Visiting Tips

  • Dress appropriately: The summit of Mount Tahtali can be quite cool, even during the summer months. Dress in layers to ensure you stay comfortable.
  • Bring sunscreen: The sun can be intense at high altitudes, so make sure to bring sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • Check the weather: The cable car ride is weather-dependent, so check the forecast before you go. If the weather is bad, the cable car may be closed.

How to Get There?


Tahtali Mountain is situated close to the Olympos Valley, about 35 km. from Kemer, 57 km. from Antalya city center, between Camyuva and Tekirova resorts. See location map

From the D400 main road, you’ll need to take the leading road to the Cable Car station (Olympos Teleferik), which is a 7 km. away.

Access from Antalya and Kemer

The Cable Car station can be accessed by public buses, shuttle service, by car or even by feet.

* From Antalya city center, you can take the public buses with lines KC71, KM71, KC71A, 504, 504A, 600A, TK92, KL08, UC11, UC11A, TK36, DK38, VC57 and VC59 to the transfer point at the 5M-Migros shopping center and there take the midibuses operating for Tekirova.

* From central Kemer, you can take the midibuses operating for Tekirova resort.

* From the main road leading to Cable Car station, you can take shuttle service.

Shuttles Transfer Service (Sea to Sky)

Departure from Main Road

Available every day from 10.00 am and moves at the beginning of every hour. The last transfer is an hour before the last cable car departure time.

Transfer service from Antalya

You can take the shuttle service from the Antalya/Konyaalti 5M-Migros shopping center to the sub station of the cable car on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:00 am.

You can call +90 242 242 22 52 for more information.

Transfer service from Kemer and nearby resorts

You can take the shuttle service from central Kemer, Beldibi, Goynuk, Kiris, Camyuva and Tekirova. Shuttles are available every day.

Contact Details

Address: Tekirova Mahallesi, Antalya Kumluca Anayolu Caddesi No:2 Kemer, Antalya
Tel: +90 242 242 22 52 ; Whatsapp: +90 541 814 30 21

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