How to Get from Antalya Airport to Side & Manavgat? (2023 Insider Guide)

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    Here on this page, you can find useful information and answer to the frequently asked question, “How to get from Antalya Airport (AYT) to Side & Manavgat, and vice versa?”. We put together all the transportation options including insider tips to help you plan your trip between Antalya Airport (AYT) and Side/Manavgat easily.

    Some Practical Info & Advice

    * Antalya Airport (AYT) is situated on the north easterly Antalya city center. Average distance from airport to Side is about 64 km., and Manavgat is about 66 km.

    * Side and Manavgat centers are situated about 5 km. within each other.

    * Antalya Airport Code is AYT, Tel: +90 242 444 74 23 , Web :

    * It takes 1 hour to get to Side or Manavgat from AYT by taxi or private shuttle.

    No Regrets Booking Advice

    * You can travel between Antalya Airport and Side/Manavgat directly by taxi or private shuttle.

    * When getting to Antalya Airport (AYT) from city center or any resort that you are on holiday, we highly recommend you schedule your time to be at the airport at least 1,5 hours for domestic flights and 2,5 hours for international flights.

    * When we count the minimum transfer time of average 1,5 hours plus 30 minutes possible traffic, you should arrange your transfer in between airport and your hotel/resort at least 3,5 to 4 hours before your flight.

    * Turkish Liras – You can obtain currency exchange before traveling to Antalya or on arrival. We recommend you to obtain Turkish Liras (TRY ot TL) in Turkey as the exchange rates are usually better in Turkey and you can find exchange offices in Antalya airport and through whole Antalya resorts. You can get TL from the many ATM machines located inside the Antalya Airport’s arrival, departure terminals and parking area. When you get Turkish liras we also recommend you to also have small banknotes like 5 TL, 10 TL, 20 TL or 50 TL.

    * Your Hotel’s Address – We recommend you to have your accommodation address and telephone number with you. There is big number of hotels in the Antalya region so that you or taxi drivers may get confused. You may need to check your hotel address or call your hotel.

    Antalya Airport to/from Side/Manavgat FAQs

    How far is Side & Manvagta from Antalya Airport?

    Side is located about 64 km., and Manavgat is about 66 km. on the south eastern of Antalya Airport (AYT).

    How long does it take to get to Side & Manavgat from Antalya Airport?

    It takes about 1 hour to get to Side/Manavgat by taxi or private shuttle. If you take buses from the Intercity Bus terminal, you should expect 30 minutes from the airport to city center and 1 hour 15 minutes minutes by midibuses to Alanya from bus terminal. You'll also need to take a midibus from Manavgat to Side.

    What is the best way to get from Antalya Airport to Side & Manavgat?

    The Private Shuttle is the most comfortable, fastest and convenient way to travel between the airport and Side/Manavgat, especially if you are traveling with kids and luggage.

    How much is taxi from Antalya airport to Side & Manavgat?

    Taxi would cost at least 790 TL from Antalya Airport to Side & Manavgat. It may cost more regarding your hotel's location and waiting time due to possible traffic.

    How to Get to/from Antalya Airport to your hotel in Side or Manavgat?

    You’ll find several good options to get to from the Antalya Airport (AYT) to Side, Manavgat or vice versa. Below we gathered all the information and options and tried to explain them to help you make your decision regarding on your needs and budget.

    Option 1: Tram/Public Bus/HAVAS Airport Shuttle + Midibus

    With this option, you’ll get from the Antalya Airport to Intercity Bus Terminal in the Antalya city center. From there you’ll need to change vehicle and take midibuses operating in every 30/45 minutes to Alanya. We don’t recommend this as it will be difficult with ones taveling with families and with luggage.

    The Antray Tram, Antobus public buses, and HAVAS Airport Shuttles operate in between Antalya Airport and Antalya city center.

    The Antray Tram line is the light rail system operated by the Antalya Municipality, and consists of two lines including Airport Line and Expo Line.

    The Airport Line operates between Antalya Airport and Fatih station along the city center. You can easily get to city center with this line.

    There are several public bus services (Tel: +90 242 444 3 708) from the Antalya Airport. The public bus shuttle (No:600) operates in every 30 minutes between Antalya Airport and Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal (Otogar).

    Public Bus Line 600

    You can take the Public Bus 600 for getting to Intercity Bus Terminal from the airport. It takes about 45-60 minutes to get to there.

    Route/Stops: Antalya Airport – TEDAS – Topcular – Meydan – Mevlana – Markantalya – 100. Yil – State Hospital – Meltem – Akdeniz University – Tip Fakultesi – Ogretmenevi – Erasta Shopping Mall – Intercity Bus Terminal

    Check the timetables from

    The HAVAS Airport Shuttles operate on a regular fixed route to Antalya city center and Intercity Bus Terminal. The shuttles depart in every hour (during day time) front of the Domestic Arrivals.

    From the Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal, you’ll need to take the minibuses operating to Manavgat in every 30/45 minutes. When you get to Manavgat, you’ll need to take a 10 minutes short ride to Side by midibuses.

    Please check prices from

    Option 2: Taxi

    Taking a taxi to get to your hotel is another option. Taxi ranks are located outside the terminal so you should walk some. You should know that Antalya Airport is so much far away from Side and Manavgat. According to the 2023 taxi fares for Antalya, the taxi-meter switch on price is 10 TL and 12 TL per kilometer.

    There is no day and night difference. If we make a calculation, regarding you will take a local taxi from the Antalya airport to Side or Manavgat within an average distance of 65 km, the taxi fare for will be around 790 TL. It may also cost you more depending where your hotel is, possible traffic and the taxi driver’s possible drive to your hotel from different long routes.

    Option 3: Private / Shared Shuttle Transfer (Recommended)

    If you are a group or a family with kids or having lots of luggage with you, than we highly recommend you to take private transfers for your hotel as they offer a fixed rate, comfortable and safe transfer to your hotel in Side or Manavgat.

    The public bus/tram/HAVAS airport shuttle will bring you to Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal and from there you’ll need to take a midibus or taxi for Manavgat, and than from Manavgat you’ll need to take a midibus to Side, which will be very hard for you with your kids and luggage. But private transfers drives you just to the entrance of your hotel.

    When you take private transfers, the driver also meets you inside the airport terminal with your name written on a plate. And he accompanies you for the transfer and also he helps you with your luggage like where to take them and even carry them to the shuttle. And as there is a fixed price, you will not have to worry or deal with price calculations.

    Private Shuttles to/from Antalya Airport – Side

    As for private airport shuttle transfers, there are 2 options to consider. We highly recommend Tranigo and (partnered with renowned names like Hertz, Thrifty, Budget, and many reliable and efficient local suppliers) as we recently booked with them had a great trip to our hotel.


    Tranigo is a Turkish company operating since 1996. They have variety of different and good models of cars ranging from Micro for 3 passengers to Minibuses for 19 passengers and also offer child seats. They met us inside the airport, helped with our luggage, brought us in front of the hotel and there also helped us with our luggage.

    * Below you can click on the destination you need an airport transfer or make a search from the search box under to entire Antalya region to find the prefect private shuttle and transfer service from Antalya Airport (ATY) to your hotel in any Antalya resort and vice versa.

    Faster and more comfortable than shuttles, buses and taxis. Free cancellation. All prices include fees & tip.

    Book Shuttle for Antalya Airport –> Side

    Book Shuttle for Side –> Antalya Airport is another very good airport transfer company. You are able to find many transport options with very affordable prices. You can book a private airport transfer from Antalya airport to Antalya city centre and all surrounding resorts of Antalya with a 100% refund privilege! offers a hassle-free transfer service for all airport passengers. Below you can make a search from the search box under to find your prefect private or shared shuttle transfer service in between Antalya Airport and your hotel.



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