Laser Eye Surgery LASIK in Antalya Turkey (Top Clinics, Ophthalmologists)

Find out the top best clinics and ophthalmologists for a laser eye surgery (LASIK) in Antalya, Turkey with our useful guide. Here you can read about eye treatments, laser eye surgeries in Antalya, including what to expect, what the city offers, prices, and insider tips.

Eye Surgeries

Eyes are one of the most important organs of our lives; any living on Earth wants to see the world clearly. Together with genetic factors, aging, as well as sometimes a decrease in the clear vision may occur. In that case some may wear glasses, optical lenses, etc.

Let’s accept that these conditions aren’t always so user-friendly or comfortable or by any condition, some are willing to take great risks to do so without resorting to glasses or contacts that can impact their lifestyle and affect their ability to do the activities they love. Instead of taking the risks that Lasik involves or going through life with blurry vision.

Your eyes are one of the most precious organs of your body. They give you the ability to see the world. Poor vision, eye diseases, and vision loss are problems that can cause significant disruptions to one’s activities of daily living.

Without the ability to see properly, your quality of life is reduced considerably, and you are not able to participate in many activities that you once enjoyed. Cataracts, mascular degeneration, glaucoma and refractive errors are only a handful of the diseases that can affect vision in an adverse way.

To correct vision problems, eye surgery and other procedures related to the eyes are often needed, but these procedures can be quite expensive. Although there are so many procedures to carry out eye surgery, however, LASIK eye surgery has proven results that it made a good and safe place in the eye medical tourism sector with its wider range of applications.

What is LASIK Surgery?

Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, a.k.a. LASIK is a painless medical procedure which is focused on permanently correct or change the shape of the cornea and corrects vision. The duration of operation is generally 30 minutes or less.  LASIK has plenty of advantages. LASIK is certainly counted one of the best alternatives to contact lenses and glasses. Although different types of lasers are used to treat different eye conditions; excimer laser is one of the main lasers used in the treatment.

 LASIK Surgery – Benefits including:

  • Improves quality of life
  • Better vision is achieved after surgery
  • Quick recovery

LASIK Surgery Abroad

LASIK eye surgery is used to correct the eyesight of the people who have visual impairment, for instance, astigmatism, long/farsightedness (hyperopia) or short/nearsightedness (myopia), cataract, etc. It happens that medical insurance does not cover LASIK surgery.

Considering the entire cost of the surgery, it might be too costly for the patients, therefore patients prefer to look for other cheaper options in  other medical tourism destinations to gain a better eye vision this is how the eye medical tourism is born.

Can you really put a price on your eye vision?

Let’s put it very straightforward that eye clinics should be advanced, very high standard and patient satisfaction oriented. Your eye surgery should be performed by the skilled, experienced and qualified ophthalmologists. After all, this is all about gaining a better vision which will lead a better life.

Cost – Is it really worth the risk?

Compared to other divisions of medical branches in medical tourism, patients perhaps can better evaluate their finances and options as most of the time some procedures are truly geography dependent. However, when it comes to eye laser surgery abroad, is eye surgery also location-dependent? Well, bad news is that this is not always the case! Of course, there are some destinations that have cheaper treatment, such as in Asia. But, will you have the same high quality in those countries when it comes to your eye vision.

Time – How much does it take?

It is known that laser eye surgery is a fast as well as an effective procedure, therefore many patients are able to return to work within a few days after the treatment or surgery; however, there are some driving limitations just right after the surgery on the first day for those drives.

When you decide to go abroad for an eye surgery, though, patients are advised to take a rest for at least a week after treatment. Since this one week off period is a good amount of time, you can surely enjoy enjoy your holiday while you are recovering fully from your surgery.

When it comes to your eyesight, do you take any chances? Laser eye surgery is known to be very convenient, fast, but have little or reduced risk of complications, with a reported 2% complications after treatments.

Care and qualifications- pick the right choice for you! Finding a discounted price for an eye surgery which is in fact a very pricey procedure, however, to make sure that you may not confront with any complications and enjoy the benefits of improved vision for years to come, please make sure that your surgeon is skilled and qualified, and have certain trainings and accreditations.

Why choose Antalya for laser eye surgery (LASIK)?

  • Specialist eye surgeons, and doctors, advanced medical healthcare facilities, eye clinics, and hospitals
  • Professional and bilingual staff
  • Very good health-related assistance & support services provided in the travel package
  • Pre-planned travel itineraries for a joyful stay after the surgery

Best Clinics & Ophthalmologists for a Laser Eye Surgery LASIK in Antalya Turkey

You are able to find top class eye treatment and care clinics and ophthalmologists for a laser eye surgery (LASIK) in Antalya, Turkey, offering all the necessary services for their guests. We are locals and here we only recommend the proven and top rated surgeons and clinics comparing the patients’ comments, affordable prices, brand value and quality of the clinics, hospitals, renowned surgeons, technicians, specialists, and therapists.

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