About Antalya – Brief Info + Getting to Know Antalya

Last Updated on October 10, 2021

Antalya, known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean and the Turkish Riviera, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in both Turkey and Europe. Situated on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey, the Antalya region is home to great holiday resorts and towns that all offer a combination of sea, sun, beaches, relaxation, history, culture and nightlife. The region is very ideal for family or beach holidays as it has a year-round sunshine.

What to Expect?

Majority of the holiday resorts and towns in Antalya region, and together with the Antalya city are all set along beautiful Mediterranean coasts with pine forested mountains at the backdrop.

The region hosts wide range accommodation opportunities from ultra all inclusive and all inclusive hotels, 5 star, 4 star, 3 star hotels to boutique hotels, apartments, holiday villas and bungalows.

The region also has a rich Roman history that you can see and explore at the many archaeological sites and ancient cities spread through both inland and coast.

If you want to do something different during your hotel stay, you can simply visit these historical sites, explore the ancient ruins, temples, theaters and have a great day out in the company of the ancient world.

Antalya Region’s Facts

Here you’ll find;

  • One of the best holiday resorts to have a great family or beach holidays such as Kemer, Side, Belek, Alanya, and Lara beach,
  • Very impressive archaeological sites and ancient cities to explore such as Perge, Side, Phaselis, Olympos and Demre,
  • Great cultural attractions to experience and enjoy such as Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival and Golden Orange Film Festival,
  • Natural wonders and charming places to admire such as Tahtali Monutain, Chimaera, Duden, Manavgat and Kursunlu Waterfalls, Goynuk and Koprulu Canyons,
  • Range of active tourism opportunities such as trekking, canyoning and skiing in and around the Taurus mountain range.

Antalya Region

The whole Antalya region is home to a more than 500 km. of great sandy and pebbled shorelines, Blue Flagged beaches with crystal clear waters and pine forested mountains at the background.

The lively beach resorts, yacht marinas, day time attractions plus after dark entertainment activities with plenty of bars, clubs, restaurants, designer boutiques and shops make the region an ideal holiday place in both Turkey and Europe.

The region is also home to range of ancient cities and archaeological sites dating back from the 2nd century Roman times that definitely will attract the visitors.

Antalya region also has the best climate for all year round with more than 300 days of sunshine, which is very ideal for family and beach holidays.

Top Destinations & Resorts

Antalya City Center

Antalya city is the main center on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Being one of the most popular town and resort of the Turkish Riviera, it boasts a scenic old quarter and an impressive harbor.

Kaleici, which means inner castle in Turkish, is the pretty old town of the city. It is the historic center of the city surrounded by a Roman wall. A must see place.

You can start your Antalya city center day out with a nice stroll along the old town. Here, you’ll explore and enjoy the pretty narrow streets and the old stone houses. Many of these houses have been converted into boutique hotels and trendy shops.

Antalya old town harbor

When you continue wandering through the shore, you’ll come up to a slope of the cliffs and witness the famous Roman harbor. The harbor is now serving as a marina for yachts and daily excursion boats.

Here you can enjoy the amazing panoramic views, take photos and enjoy your drink or meal in one of the surrounding tea gardens, cafes, bars and restaurants.


Kemer can be considered as the most popular holiday destination along the Antalya region. And we definitely recommend Kemer if you are looking for a great beach holiday experience with natural wonders, beaches and intense nightlife.

While the town center of Kemer is a huge holiday resort itself, there are also 8 holiday resorts spread along the coasts.

These resorts surrounding Kemer include;

  • Beldibi, Goynuk, Kiris, Camyuva and Tekirova that are lined with wide range of luxury hotels with Beydaglari mountains and pine tree forests at the backdrop,
  • Cirali, Olympos and Adrasan that are situated along beautiful bays, protected nature parks, and with less infrastructure, several boutique hotels, bungalows and tree houses.

These resorts are popular very ideal destinations for those who are looking for more relaxing and peaceful holidays.


Side is a famous holiday resort of Antalya, famous for its great historical sites, its old town with pretty stone houses, ancient walls, Roman amphitheater and Temple of Apollo & Athena, lovely beaches, cafes and restaurants. A great place for travelers looking for beach holidays in the company of history, culture and art.

It has a very well preserved Old Town, and consists of an Agora, a Roman Amphitheater, a Roman Bathhouse (now serving as Side Museum), a monumental fountain, and world famous Temple of Apollo & Athena.


Alanya is a superb holiday resort of Antalya where it has also been a settling place for foreigners for many years.

For the ones who are seeking for a relaxing and calm holidays with some scenic views, historical sites, as well as beautiful beaches, Alanya will be a great choice for sure.

The resort is also a combination of old and new with plenty of lively bars, clubs, restaurants and shops in the new town, and a gorgeous castle in the old town.

Lara Beach

Lara Beach is a famous beach resort set on a beautiful environment with all inclusive and great hotels and having all the necessary tourist facilities. The name of the resort comes from its beautiful golden sandy beach.

The resort is also popular for its beautiful beaches and the biggest sandcastle competition of the world during the summer months.


Belek is famous for its being the golfing paradise in the Antalya region. The resort has world-class golf courses and resorts.

If you are golf lover and looking an alternative golf holidays than in Spain coasts, then we highly recommend to head to the Belek resort.

In addition to golf holidays, Belek also has lovely beaches and lively center with lots of trendy cafes, bars, clubs, restaurants and boutique shops.

Beautiful Beaches

Antalya region is famous for its beautiful beaches with breathtaking landscapes and coasts. It is also called as the Turquoise Coast. You’ll find wide range of beautiful bays and coves with impressive beaches and spend a great day out. And where some are pebbled one while others are golden sandy.

Visiting these beautiful Antalya beaches should be the number one attraction on your Antalya things to do list. The whole Antalya region is home to a more than 500 km. of great sandy and pebbled shorelines, Blue Flagged beaches with crystal clear waters and pine forested mountains at the background.

Historical Sites

If you are history and art lover, or want to do something different during your hotel stay in Antalya, you can simply visit the world-famous historical sites in Antalya and explore the ancient ruins, temples, theaters and experience the traditional side of Turkey.

Antalya region is also home to many ancient cities and archaeological sites. Some of them dates back to 2nd century Roman times. The whole region can be considered as a paradise of ancient cities and historical sites.

The Roman Theater of Aspendos in Serik

From the old towns of the several resorts, ancient cities of Aspendos, Perge, Phaselis, Olympos to the Temple of Apollo in Side, you’ll find lots of impressive sites to explore in Antalya region.


Shopping in Antalya is definitely a fantastic experience for travelers. Antalya offers great and fantastic opportunities and experiences for shopaholics.

From big shopping malls, supermarkets, popular outdoor flea and street markets, antique, souvenir and handicraft shops to great stores, you’ll find plenty of shopping opportunities in this metropolitan Turkish Riviera.

Entertainment & Nightlife

Nightlife in Antalya is one of best in Turkey’s southern coasts. Antalya region has an intense nightlife where you’ll find lots of bars and night clubs to enjoy and get entertained after dark.

Lively bars, night clubs and restaurants all offer different nightlife themes with live music, cocktails and shows. In addition, majority of the hotels also have their own night time entertainment.

Gastronomy & Eating Out

Traditional Turkish cuisine is a must and are on offer with range of soups and dishes from fresh caught fish, meat, grilled kebabs, vegetable dishes, as well as fresh salads and delicious desserts.

You’ll definitely find and enjoy lots of excellent dining experiences throughout Antalya and surrounding resorts.

Weather & Climate

Weather in Antalya is a perfect Mediterranean climate. Antalya enjoys a long, sunny and hot summers, while having a milder weather in winter. You’ll find rain from November till March.

January is the coolest month with an average temperature of around 11 °C and July is the warmest month with an average temperature of 29 °C. July and August can provide temperatures of up to 40°C.

The region boats a more than 300 days of sun each year, which makes this Turkish Riviera a great holiday destination and choice for all year round.