Top 24 Best Things to Do in Antalya + Local Help Advice

Antalya region has one of the best attractions and sights for every holidaymaker searching for lovely beaches, natural wonders, ancient cities, archaeological sites, day trips, theme parks, and many more. You’ll find loads of joyful things to do in Antalya. Here we put together the top 24 things to do in Antalya to help you plan your days in this Turkish Riviera.

Top 24 Things to Do in Antalya

1. A Great Beach Day Out

Antalya region is famous for its beautiful beaches with breathtaking landscapes and coasts. It is also called as the Turquoise Coast. You’ll find wide range of beautiful bays and coves with impressive beaches to choose from and spend a great day out. And where some are pebbled one while others are golden sandy.

Visiting these beautiful beaches should be the number one attraction on your Antalya things to do list. The whole Antalya region is home to a more than 500 km. of great sandy and pebbled shorelines, Blue Flagged beaches with crystal clear waters and pine forested mountains at the background. Continue reading…

2. Take a Fun Boat Trip

Boat trips are a must take attraction for the ones who love sea and on a beach holiday in a heaven place like Antalya. You are able to find variety of boat trips from exciting Pirate or Viking ships to standard or luxury gulets and yachts from any tourist place in Antalya region.

While you are on board, you’ll definitely enjoy the stunning coasts of the Mediterranean, have a great sunbath on deck, with fun boat parties and swim breaks along several unspoilt coves, hidden waterfalls or excellent islands.

Majority of the boats set sail from the Roman harbor of Kaleici in Antalya old town and several from the holiday resorts and make trips along Kemer, Phaselis, Olympos, Demre and Kas. Continue reading…

3. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Antalya

The Antalya Museum is a great archaeological museum located in the Antalya city center. Here you’ll experience and admire the exhibitions from the Lycia, Roman and Byzantine civilizations. The very well-preserved Roman statues and sculptures, huge sarcophagi and remains from the antique theater in Perge are a must see and the most valuable exhibits.

The Hall of Gods exhibition hall is especially a must as it is the most popular part of the museum. Here, you’ll see the 2nd century statues and busts of Greek gods and goddesses including Zeus, Athena and Aphrodite. The Museum also exhibits a collection of folk costumes and beautiful rugs. Continue reading…

4. Explore Kaleici: The Old Town of Antalya

Kaleici, which means inner castle in Turkish, is the pretty old town of the city. It is the historic center of the city surrounded by a Roman wall. A must see place.

You can start your Antalya city center day out with a nice stroll along the old town. Here, you’ll explore and enjoy the pretty narrow streets and the old stone houses. Many of these houses have been converted into boutique hotels and trendy shops.

Antalya old town harbor

When you continue wandering through the shore, you’ll come up to a slope of the cliffs and witness the famous Roman harbor. The harbor is now serving as a marina for yachts and daily excursion boats.

Here you can enjoy the amazing panoramic views, take photos and enjoy your drink or meal in one of the surrounding tea gardens, cafes, bars and restaurants. Continue reading…

5. Admire the Roman Theater of Aspendos

Location: Belkis village, Serik town (about 45 km. on the east of the Antalya city center)

Aspendos can be considered as the best and the most visited sights in the Antalya region. The ancient city of Aspendos is known for its Roman theater dating back to around 161-180 AD. It is also one of the best preserved Roman theater in the World.

Here you’ll explore the Roman Amphitheater at first sight. Other points of interest and architectural structures include the Stadion, aqueducts, baths, temples, city walls and many other remainsContinue reading…

6. Explore the Ancient City of Perge

Location: Aksu town (about 17 km. on the east of the Antalya city center)

Perge is one of the most popular historical sites along the Antalya region. Being an ancient Greek city, Perge is famous for its Roman ruins dating back to 1300 BC and its big amphitheater with a capacity of 15,000 people.

Here, you’ll explore and admire the ruins of the Roman temple, old school buildings, baths and the impressive entrance. Continue reading…

7. Enjoy the Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium is a great leisure area situated in Antalya city center. A nice entertainment place especially for families with kids.

The aquarium showcases the diverse life of the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and Pacific Ocean in 4 different thematic aquariums, Snow World and Ice Museum, tropical reptile house named WildPark, Oceanride XD Cinema, restaurant and cafes. Continue reading…

8. Cool Off at the Kursunlu & Duden Waterfalls

Antalya city has two picturesque waterfalls; the Duden and Kursunlu.

Duden Waterfalls

Location: along Lara Beach, about 9 km. on the south-east of central Antalya

Duden Waterfalls are one of the most visited sights around Antalya city center. It is the impressive and eye-catching part of the Duden River which runs about 10 km. from the north of the central Antalya, and meets the sea to the south east coast of the city.

The cool river waters flow from the Taurus Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea and showcase a scenic natural beauties for its visitors. The waters split into two plateaus named Upper Duden Waterfall and Lower Duden Waterfall.

Lower Duden

The Upper Duden waterfall is a very impressive one and visitors will feel like they are in part of a heaven. The waters here flows from 15 metres height and forms a 20 meters width very beautiful natural pool.

The Lower Duden waterfall is the place where the waters coming from the Upper Duden waterfall meets the Mediterranean Sea, flowing from about 40 metres height. The waterfall is situated close to the Antalya city center. The speed of the cascading waters form fantastic and scenic views over the sea here.

Kursunlu Waterfall

Location: Aksu town, about 20 km. on the north-east of central Antalya

Kursunlu Waterfall is a unique place and kind of a wonder of nature located in a huge natural park in Antalya, with impressive forest and river environment. In comparison to the neighboring Duden Waterfall, Kursunlu is a smaller and quieter one.

The waterfall here is a cascade connecting seven ponds falling over about 18 meters height and forms a natural pool with scenic views. A visit to this heaven place will be a great lazy hotel day break in the company of natural beauties.

9. Admire the Manavgat Waterfall

Location: Manavgat town (78 km. from Antalya city center)

The Manavgat Waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls in Turkey. Located in the pretty town of Manavgat in Antalya, here you can have a fantastic and fun day out with the spectacular views of waters falling from a height of about 5 meters from the river bed.

You’ll also find variety of authentic cafes, restaurants, picnic and camping areas to enjoy. The area is also a perfect day out option for the ones who are searching for doing something different during their lazy hotel days. Continue reading…

10. Reward Yourself with a Turkish Bath

Traditional Turkish Bath (Hamam) will definitely be a unique and one time experience during your Antalya holidays. You’ll have an authentic bath experience while relaxing your muscles, resting in a steam bath, and refreshing your body.

11. Koprulu Canyon Hiking + White Water Rafting

Location: Koprulu Canyon National Park (50 km. from Manavgat, 87 km. from Antalya city center)

For the ones who are looking for doing something with adrenaline in the waters or hike in the wonderful nature, Koprulu Canyon and famous white water rafting here is a must. The Koprulu Canyon is situated in the National Park of Antalya, near Manavgat.

You’ll witness very impressive views of green forests, gardens, and breathtaking canyon here. Rafting lovers prefer to attend white water rafting, surf the rapids and enjoy an adventurous day out.

Besides rafting, visitors can also do nature walking, trekking, hiking, camping, do jeep safari, or have an authentic meal by the river restaurants. Continue reading…

12. Tahtali Mountain Cable Car

Location: Kemer (close to Olympos Valley, about 35 km. from Kemer, 57 km. from Antalya city center, between Camyuva and Tekirova resorts)

Mount Tahtali is the highest mountain situated very close to the sea on the Antalya region. It has an altitude of 2,365 meters. You can access here via the cable car (Olympos Teleferik) and enjoy the stunning 360 degree panoramic views of along Kemer coasts.

If you want a break during from your hotel days, you should take a day out, hop on the Mount Tahtali cable car and access the summit.

You’ll really have fun with the 10 minutes aerial cable car, enjoy the mountain breezes, watch sunset and sunrise, do hiking, trekking, climbing, paragliding, and have a romantic dinner on the hilltop restaurant. You can even have a great ski experience here in winter. Continue reading…

13. SANDLAND: Sand Sculpture Museum of Antalta

SANDLAND, the Sand Sculpture Museum of Antalya is one of the largest exhibitions of sand sculptures in the world. The exhibition is an international festival featuring hundreds of huge sand sculptures exhibited at the Lara Beach, covering an area of 10,000 square meters.

The fantastic sand sculptures are made only with water and sand (by using approximately 10,000 tons of river sand), and are created as a result of the performances of sand sculptors participating from many countries. Continue reading…

14. Hike the Lycian Way

The 540 km. long mountainous Lycian Way runs parallel with the Mediterranean coast from Fethiye to Antalya and is considered to be one of the top 10 trekking trails in the world.

The very impressive natural environment along the pine forested paths, ancient cities, Taurus and Beydaglari mountain range, and very attractive Mediterranean coasts, make the region one of the perfect places to hike. Continue reading…

15. Go Hike Goynuk Canyon + Adventure Park

Location: Kemer (Goynuk, about 13 km. from Kemer, 36 km. from Antalya city center, between Camyuva and Tekirova resorts)

Goynuk Canyon is an amazing place for nature lovers. The canyon is famous for its nature, pine forests, waterfalls and natural pools. Here, you can have a fun trekking day out along the 4,5 km. long canyoning track.

The region is also situated on the important part of the Lycian road, which considered to be one of the top 10 trekking trails in the world.

EcoFun Adventure Park is a marvelous adventure park located at the entrance of the Goynuk Canyon. Here, you’ll experience and enjoy the adrenaline-laden activities such as paintball, zip wire and many more.

The attraction named Zip Fly will definitely excite you while you glide over the hills on a wire from 40 meters above.

16. Ancient City of Phaselis

Location: Kemer (about 11,5 km. from Kemer, 55 km. from central Antalya, between Camyuva and Tekirova resorts)

Phaselis is the ancient Lycian city, archaeological site and open-air museum set in a very impressive natural environment by the coast and Taurus Mountain range at the background.

The archaeological site is very famous and attracts hundred thousands of visitors every year for its historical remains, amphitheater, wonderful beaches and picnic areas.

17. Admire the Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle is the famous landmark of the Alanya resort. A must see place. The castle is situated on a hill-top overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean coast. You can access there by a 3,5 km. long road that is also a very ideal for hiking and trekking lovers.

When you reach the castle, you’ll definitely admire the panoramic views of Alanya, as well as the well-preserved ruins and the shell of Byzantine church dating back to 11th century.

18. Explore the Ancient City of Side & the Temple of Apollo

The ancient city of Side is accepted as one of the most visited and best historical sights in the Antalya region. The site dates back to the 2nd century AD and situated on a very visible place, on the end of the peninsula of Side resort.

The site is situated on the Side peninsula just by the coast, and along a very well preserved Old Town, and consists of an Agora, a Roman Amphitheater, a Roman Bathhouse (now serving as Side Museum), a monumental fountain, and world famous Temple of Apollo & Athena.

The old town of Side is situated on a headland of the region, right by the sea. The region also houses several beautiful beaches, impressive beachfront and some high quality hotels.

You can start your day here by strolling along the narrow streets and head up to the Roman amphitheater that is a unique part of the ancient city. The structure has a half moon shape and features good samples of the Roman architecture.

Following the road to the coast along the peninsula, you’ll reach to the world famous temple of Apollo & Athena.

The Temple of Apollo and Athena is the most visited and the most popular landmark here. It dates back to the 2nd century and has been dedicated to the Greek god of light and sun.

The area is also great place to watch the sunset. Many visit here, sit between the marble arches and watch the sunset in the company of scenic views of the Mediterranean and take photos.

The Roman bathhouse is a 2nd century structure and comes next. It was converted into Side Museum in 1959-1961. The Museum exhibits variety of artifacts and findings from the excavations made on the archaeological site. Continue reading…

19. Jeep Safari along the Taurus Mountains

If you are an adventure lover and want to do something fun during your hotel stay in Antalya, than we recommend the 4×4 off-road jeep safari tours. You’ll enjoy travelling on dirt, dust and stone paved roads along the Taurus Mountains and have a great day out for sure.

During the tour, you’ll give several breaks at the many places with great views from above, visit local villages and see the rural life of the villagers in their traditional houses.

You’ll also give cool down swim breaks along the mountain streams and waterfalls. Continue reading…

20. Yanartas – Chimera

Chimaera, known as “the Eternal Flames” is a very supernatural place are where you’ll see flames burn right on the rocks without any apparent fuel or heat source. It is situated on the sloped of the Mount Chimaera, near the famous Olympos Valley and Cirali resort of Kemer.

You can take an evening hike through this amazing place along with its pine forests with scenic views. The region is also a popular trekking trail along the Lycian Way.

You can enjoy the picturesque views of the Cirali coast, take beautiful photos, and have a fantastic moments here. Continue reading…

21. Ancient City of Olympos

Olympos is the ancient Lycian city and one of the natural wonders of Antalya region, situated on a very beautiful environment by the Mediterranean coast along the pine forests and Beydaglari mountains at the background. It is a unique place nearby the famous resort of Cirali in Kemer and also known as the city of gods.

The ancient city dates back to the Helenistic era on the 1st and 2nd century AC. It was the biggest city of the Lycian region. Here, you’ll see variety of ruins such as fortified castles, roman bath, etc. While you descend from the hills of the Beydağlari mountain range, you can watch the scenic views of the Mediterranean among the forests of pine and cedar trees.

22. Ancient City of Termessos

Location: Gulluk mountain (about 30 km. on the north-east of the Antalya city center)

The ancient Pisidian site of Termessos is situated on a hillside at an altitude of 1,050 meters, on the Gulluk Mountain National Park. The its geographical location of the ancient city make it one the best-preserved ancient cities in Turkey.

The city used to have a strategic location that Alexander the Great couldn’t be able to conquer the city. The city also used to survive independently during the Roman era and had its own laws and affairs.

23. Hit the Bars & Clubs

Antalya region has an intense nightlife where you’ll find lots of bars and night clubs to enjoy and get entertained after dark.

Lively bars, night clubs and restaurants all offer different nightlife themes with live music, cocktails and shows. In addition, majority of the hotels also have their own night time entertainment. Continue reading…

24. Enjoy the Turkish Cuisine

Traditional Turkish cuisine is a must and are on offer with range of soups and dishes from fresh caught fish, meat, grilled kebabs, vegetable dishes, as well as fresh salads and delicious desserts.

You’ll definitely find and enjoy lots of excellent dining experiences throughout Antalya and surrounding resorts. Continue reading…

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