The Ancient City of Pamphylia, Antalya (What to Expect?)

Are you ready to dive into the ancient times in Pamphylia in Antalya? Pamphylia (Pamfilya) means the land of various tribes and races in Greek. It was named for being the main crossroads of migration. People of all races remarkably gathered in Pamphylia. It had a brilliant infused culture and sophistication that had once thrived by the immigrants. It leans its back on the high mountains from the north and turns its face to the Mediterranean Sea.

Magnificent Pamphylia territory, exceeding 100 kilometers length with a width reaches up to 40 kilometers, is located in the southern part of Anatolia covering the coastal part of Kemer and Alanya districts stretching from the alluvial plain to Anamur by encompassing the eastern shores of the Gulf of Antalya to the Taurus Mountains which rise in the north of the plain with plenty of resources such as rivers and streams stemming from the steady rainwater throughout fall and winter. The Gulf of Pamphylia was the name used instead of the Gulf of Antalya in historical times.

The region hosted so many significant antic cities such as Attaleia, Perge, Sillyon, Aspendos, and Side. Alanya (Korakesion), on the other hand, lies at the eastern end of Pamphylia whereas Antalya (Attaleia) stays at the west, between these two significant cities are Side, Aspendos, Sillyum, and Perge.

Going back to history, the province of Pamphylia-Lycia was established in 43 AD strategically situated between the ancient cities of Lycia (Lykia) in the west, Pisidia (Pisidia) from the north, and Cilicia (Kilicia) from the east. Aksu (Kestros), Manavgat (Melas) Stream, Düdensu (Cataracts), and Köprüçay (Eurymadan) are the most important rivers of the Pamphylia region starting from the east of the Aksu (Kestros) brook and the west of the Anamas Mountains of Isparta and joins the Antalya Bay with many branches.

Of course, the presence of these significant water resources in the region, the mild climate, and the fertility of the soils enabled different races and tribes to come and settle in the region throughout the ages.

The streams originating from the Taurus Mountains located behind the region pass through the valleys to pour into the sea. This abundance of rivers paved the way for the roads and bridges; there are many ancient bridges and stone-paved old caravan routes in the Pamphylia region.

The transportation route that enabled the development of the ancient city of Perge was through Aksu Stream. The river, formerly called Kestros, has changed its course over the years, but Perge has become so famous thanks to this Aksu Stream, a.k.a. Aksu Cay in Turkish.

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