Electrical and video norms in Antalya and Turkey

Travelers should remember that, when traveling abroad, the electrical and video standards may be different from the ones adopted in your own country. Here you’ll find information and a few tips to help you avoid any unpleasant surprises on your visit to Antalya.


In Antalya region and whole Turkey, the electricity norm is 220 volts AC, with a frequency of 50 Hz, and European two round pins plug is standard, while for example, it is 110 volts for 60 Hz in the United States or Canada.

Socket Voltage and sockets vary from country to country, so you may need an adapter or a transformer. Please make sure you bring those with you to avoid unexpected situations with your mobile phone charger, electric razor, hairdryer, etc.

If you’ve forgotten to bring those accessories with you, you can find them in variety of electrical goods and DIY stores or supermarkets in Antalya for sure. Most of the major hotels can also provide them for you.

Video Norms – DVDs

Make sure that any DVD you purchase in Antalya region is compatible with your equipment at home. The DVDs mostly split into several regions:

Region 1: USA and Canada
Region 2: Europe, Middle East, Japan and South Africa
Region 3: South East Asia
Region  4: South America and Australia
Region 5: Eastern Europe and Africa
Region 6: China

And in Turkey, you are in the Region 2 and note that if you take a DVD home from Antalya, it may not be able to be decoded by your player, unless it is region-free.

And also make sure the video format (PAL, SECAM or NTSC) be compatible with your player before you make a purchase.

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