20 Best Local Restaurants to Eat Turkish Food in Antalya City

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure during your visit to Antalya? Prepare your taste buds for a delightful journey through the rich flavors of Turkish cuisine. Antalya is not only famous for its stunning beaches and historical sites but also for its vibrant food scene. To help you navigate through the city’s culinary treasures, we’ve uncovered some best restaurants and hidden gems in Antalya where you can savor the best local Turkish food. Get ready to indulge in a symphony of flavors as we present the top restaurants that will elevate your dining experience in Antalya.

20 Best Local Restaurants to Eat Turkish Food in Antalya City

Dönerci Hakkı Baba: A Timeless Classic

Since its establishment in 1924 by Hakkı Baharlı, Dönerci Hakkı Baba has remained a testament to tradition and quality. Today, the restaurant is proudly run by the third generation of Hakkı Baba’s descendants. Hakkı Baba himself, renowned for his stature and strength, served as a cannoneer during the Balkan War, manually loading cannonballs into their sockets.

This is where the name “Topçu Mehmet” originated. Nestled on Atatürk Caddesi, the heart of Antalya, Dönerci Hakkı Baba offers not only a refined and modern atmosphere but also a range of services such as valet parking, online food ordering, and reservations. By taking advantage of their online services, you can seamlessly manage your dining experience even before setting foot in the restaurant.

As a haven for döner lovers, Dönerci Hakkı Baba presents an extensive menu that caters to a variety of palates. Whether you crave ızgara köfte (grilled meatballs), pilav üstü döner (döner served over rice), piyaz, tandır çorbası (tandoori soup), İskender, döner dürüm (döner wrap), or Arap kadayıfı (Middle Eastern-style shredded pastry) for dessert, this eatery has it all.

  • Opening Hours: Open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 08:30 PM. Closed on Sundays.
  • Address: Mehmetçik Mah., Termessos Blv., Oyak Sitesi Karşısı, Muratpaşa

Fıtır Börek Mutfak & Cafe: A Börek Lover’s Paradise

Located in the heart of Antalya’s Muratpaşa district, Fıtır Börek Mutfak & Cafe is a haven for börek (pastry) enthusiasts. This charming café, with its spacious indoor area and inviting garden, offers a serene and elegant atmosphere. It’s even pet-friendly, allowing you to bring along your furry friends. The garden comes alive in the summer months, creating a vibrant ambience. Convenient parking is available for those arriving by car, and you’ll be delighted by the quick service and friendly staff. While renowned for its börek, this café also caters to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Fıtır Cafe boasts a wide variety of börek options that will tantalize your taste buds. From the classic kıymalı (minced meat) and peynirli (cheese) börek to the mouthwatering ıspanaklı (spinach) and patatesli (potato) börek, each delicacy is prepared with thin, buttery layers of pastry. Additionally, you can indulge in their delightful serpme börek, which is a mixed platter featuring a variety of börek types like kıymalı, pastırmalı, peynirli, and kavurmalı. Don’t miss the opportunity to try their famous serpme börek, mantı, kulaklı çorba, and tahinli kadayıf dessert.

  • Opening Hours: Open every day from 07:00 AM to 04:30 PM.
  • Address: Çağlayan Mah., Fener Cad., Ayşe Atmaca Apt., Daire: 46/A, Muratpaşa

Hasan Antalya Restaurant

Hasan Antalya Restaurant is situated in Kalekapısı Zincirli Han, a historic location in Antalya. It is known for its nostalgic atmosphere, reminiscent of a hidden garden along a closed street. The restaurant has become a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists, thanks to its rich history and enduring flavors. The interior of the restaurant is elegantly decorated, creating a pleasant ambiance. The service is prompt, and the staff is attentive to customers’ needs. If you plan to dine at Hasan Antalya Restaurant, it is recommended to make a reservation online in advance.

Catering to meat lovers, Hasan Antalya Restaurant stands out with its delicious menu and impressive presentation. The main course menu is divided into two sections: marinated meats and kebabs. In addition to the main dishes, the restaurant offers a variety of cold and hot mezzes, skillet dishes, appetizers, desserts, salad options, fruits, köfte (meatballs), and burger varieties.

The Ottoman kebab, pasur güveci (a lamb casserole dish), and spiced meat spaghetti are among the most popular choices. Other notable dishes include grilled liver, tenderloin with butter, and yogurt-dipped peppers. To complement your meal, you can enjoy complimentary tea and, depending on the season, watermelon. Apart from its delectable cuisine, the restaurant offers a tastefully decorated interior and polite staff, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

  • Opening Hours: Open every day from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM.
  • Address: Elmalı Mah., Zincirli Han İçi, 1. Sk., No: 9-10, Muratpaşa, Antalya.

Koç Cağ Kebap

Koç Cağ Kebap is a place that brings together the cağ kebab, a specialty from the Erzurum region, with Antalya. It was first opened in 1982 by Kemal Koç in Erzurum under the name “Tortum Kebabı Cağlı”. Over time, with customers referring to it as cağ kebab, the name was changed to Koç Cağ Kebap.

Kemal Koç, the creator of cağ kebab, also obtained the patent for the kebab, ensuring the branding of his restaurant. Kemal Koç, who is also known as a folk poet, has become famous as the inventor of cağ kebab. The branch of Koç Cağ Kebap in Antalya is located inside the Muratpaşa Alya Shopping Mall.

In addition to cağ kebab, the menu of the restaurant includes salad varieties, meze options, and other dishes. It is the go-to place in Lara for enjoying a delicious cağ kebab. When you visit this restaurant, be sure to try the cağ kebab and the kadayıf dolma for dessert. The cağ kebab is cooked over oak charcoal after being marinated with a special sauce, resulting in a unique and exquisite taste.

You can complement the cağ kebab with ayran, a traditional yogurt-based drink, which is served alongside. The restaurant also attracts customers with its delightful complimentary offerings. Finally, in terms of price, the restaurant offers reasonable prices considering the portion sizes and the deliciousness of the dishes.

  • Opening Hours: Open every day of the week from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM.
  • Address: Alya AVM, Fener Mah., Muratpaşa.

Kanatçı Ali Asker

Kanatçı Ali Asker was first opened in Antalya Kaleiçi in 2002. It later relocated to its current location on the old Lara road. The restaurant is built on a spacious and airy area. It consists of two sections: indoor and outdoor. The outdoor area resembles a garden, with tables surrounding a tree. The restaurant provides various amenities for customers, including parking facilities. There is a parking area available for those who come by car. Additionally, the restaurant features live music.

As the name suggests, Kanatçı Ali Asker is famous for its chicken wings. The wings are marinated with a special sauce imported from Kahramanmaraş and then cooked over oak charcoal the following day, resulting in an exquisite flavor. Alongside the wings, the menu includes gavurdağı salad, kiremitte ciğer (liver cooked in a clay pot), yaprak ciğer (grilled liver wrapped in thin pastry), and various other dishes.

The restaurant offers an extensive menu, including red and white meat options, soup varieties, appetizers, beverages, desserts, cold and hot meze, pide (Turkish flatbread), and lahmacun (Turkish pizza). This provides customers with a wide range of choices for both food and drinks. If you want to add a touch of culinary pleasure to your vacation in Antalya, we recommend visiting this restaurant.

  • Opening Hours: Open every day of the week from 12:00 PM to 01:00 AM.
  • Address: Şirinyalı Mah., Eski Lara Cad., No: 64/A, Muratpaşa.

Köfteci İsa Şimşek’in Yeri

Köfteci İsa Şimşek was established in 1980 in Aksu, Antalya. It is a family restaurant offering meatballs with an authentic atmosphere and is known as one of the places for a peaceful evening meal. The restaurant provides various services to the customers, including free parking and online reservations. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating areas, and customers can choose to dine in the open-air section.

Köfteci İsa Şimşek offers a wide variety of dishes from traditional Turkish cuisine. Many of the dishes on the menu are prepared using local ingredients. The restaurant is renowned for its delicious köfte (meatballs). The köfte, accompanied by complimentary side dishes, is continuously replenished as you enjoy your meal. The meals are served with a pitcher of ayran (yogurt-based drink) and a dessert. The tahinli piyaz (bean salad with tahini sauce) is particularly delightful.

If you find yourself in Antalya, we recommend visiting this restaurant and trying the köfte piyaz combination. You can also indulge in the sweet flavors by trying the kabak tatlısı (pumpkin dessert). In terms of pricing, the restaurant is considered reasonable for the quality and portion sizes of the dishes.

  • Opening Hours: Open every day of the week from 07:00 AM to 12:00 AM.
  • Address: Merkez Barbaros Mah., Serik Cad. Üzeri, No: 103, Aksu, next to Ziraat Bankası.

Mevlana Lokantası

Mevlana Lokantası is a family restaurant operated by a father and son that was established in 1956 in Antalya. It is the first place that comes to mind when people ask, “Where can I have soup?” in Antalya. The restaurant is open 24/7 and attracts both local residents and a diverse range of tourists. Mevlana Lokantası stands out not only for its cuisine but also for its decor. Inside the restaurant, the tulip motif is prominently displayed. It offers a spacious dining hall, and parking is not a concern here.

Mevlana Lokantası is famous for its soups and offers a wide-ranging menu. From various soup options to kebabs, main dishes, desserts, and beverages, the menu is rich and diverse. If you visit Mevlana Lokantası in Antalya, we recommend trying the kuzu tandır (slow-cooked lamb), kelle paça çorbası (sheep’s head and trotter soup), döner, and tahinli kabak tatlısı (pumpkin dessert). Salads are served as complimentary appetizers with the meals. Finally, when it comes to price, some items may be slightly more expensive compared to other places, but the quality justifies the cost.

  • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours a day, every day of the week.
  • Address: Etiler Mah., Evliya Çelebi Cad., 839. Sk., Gülin Apt., Muratpaşa.

7 Mehmet

Established in the 1940s in the Muratpaşa district of Antalya, 7 Mehmet is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. The name of the restaurant has an interesting story behind it. Starting as a small soup kitchen, 7 Mehmet gained recognition for its delicious soups and gradually grew into a renowned establishment, now run by the third generation of the family.

The restaurant introduces patrons to the exquisite dishes of traditional Turkish cuisine. With a menu offering around 650 dishes from Turkish cuisine, 7 Mehmet aims to provide a wide range of options. Their famous dish is the iç pilavı (stuffed rice), known for its mouthwatering taste. The service is fast, and the presentation of the dishes is visually appealing.

Meze (appetizers), dried fruit cacık (yogurt and cucumber dip), kaymaklı tahinli cevizli kabak tatlısı (pumpkin dessert with clotted cream and walnut), are among the must-try delicacies. Alongside the delectable food, the restaurant boasts an elegant interior and courteous staff, continuing to attract both local and international visitors. When in Antalya, be sure to add 7 Mehmet to your list. However, it’s worth noting that the prices at this establishment are slightly higher compared to other similar venues.

  • Opening Hours: Open from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM on weekdays and from 11:00 AM to 01:00 AM on weekends.
  • Address: Atatürk Kültür Park, No: 204, Merkez, Antalya.

Nasreddin Et Ve Tandır

Founded in 1967, Nasreddin Et Ve Tandır is a family-owned restaurant located in the Konyaaltı district of Antalya. This establishment is a preferred destination for those seeking delicious tandır (oven-roasted) dishes in Antalya. With its stylish and refined interior, the restaurant offers a serene setting for a quiet evening meal. Despite its modest location, Nasreddin is easily accessible, just a few minutes’ walk from Konyaaltı bazaar. It’s advisable to make a reservation online before visiting.

Nasreddin Et Ve Tandır stands out as a place where you can enjoy regional dishes cooked in the oven and a variety of grilled meats. The menu includes lamb tandır, lamb neck, lamb shank, lamb knuckle, and various beef products, such as sirloin steak. Rich mezze (appetizers) and salad options also enhance the menu’s diversity. The meat dishes are served in tırnak pide (nail bread). When visiting, you can order your desired meat selection.

The freshness and natural flavor of the meats, along with their excellent preparation, ensure a delightful dining experience. When in Antalya, be sure to try the liver (ciğer) and ribs (kaburga). For dessert, the Arab kadayıfı (sweet pastry) comes highly recommended. Lastly, it’s important to note that the prices at Nasreddin Et Ve Tandır are perceived as slightly higher by some customers.

  • Opening Hours: Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM. Closed on Mondays.
  • Address: Altınkum Mah., Atatürk Blv., No: 138/A, Konyaaltı, Antalya.

Meşhur Piyazcı Mustafa’nın Yeri: A Legend in Antalya’s Piyaz Scene

If you’re searching for the epitome of Antalya’s famous piyaz, look no further than Meşhur Piyazcı Mustafa’nın Yeri. Founded in 1965 by Mustafa Yangözler, this establishment boasts a long-standing tradition of culinary excellence. Mustafa Bey, who honed his skills as the sole piyaz master and protege of the legendary Sami Usta, embarked on his own culinary journey by opening his own shop. If you appreciate intimate and unpretentious settings, Meşhur Piyazcı Mustafa’nın Yeri is the perfect spot to immerse yourself in history and savor their legendary piyaz.

Indulge in their tantalizing menu offerings, including tahinli piyaz, şiş köfte, and the delectable kabak tatlısı. The secret to their exceptional piyaz lies in the meticulous selection of fresh ingredients and the unique preparation process. Konya-style beans are cooked to perfection, and then a harmonious blend of tahini sauce, eggs, and other elements creates a piyaz experience like no other. Additionally, alongside their signature piyaz, you can relish their mouthwatering şiş köfte, served with charcoal-grilled caramelized onions. The flavorful köfte owes its reputation to the use of fresh local meat.

The Antalya piyaz and köfte combo, complemented by a side of smoky roasted peppers, will leave you craving more. As a grand finale, treat yourself to their famous Arap kadayıfı and tulumba desserts. When considering both taste and value for money, Meşhur Piyazcı Mustafa’nın Yeri delivers an exceptional dining experience.

  • Opening Hours: Open every day from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM.
  • Address: Demirciler İşhanı, Balbey Mah., İsmet Paşa Cad., 419. Sk., Muratpaşa

Piyazcı Ahmet: A Taste of Antalya’s Famous Piyaz

Situated in Antalya’s Muratpaşa district, Piyazcı Ahmet is a beloved establishment where you can relish the renowned Antalya piyaz. Since its humble beginnings in 1996, this family-owned restaurant has grown in popularity while staying true to its commitment of providing quality service. With a two-story, air-conditioned dining area, Piyazcı Ahmet offers a warm and welcoming ambiance. If you’re arriving by car, worry not, as parking facilities are available.

Piyazcı Ahmet is a preferred destination for both lunch and dinner. Their menu features köfte (meatballs), tahinli piyaz (piyaz with tahini dressing), tavuk şiş (chicken skewers), tavuk köfte (chicken köfte), şiş köfte (grilled köfte), and fırında kabak tatlısı (baked pumpkin dessert). However, their most sought-after delicacy is undoubtedly the piyaz. Prepared with Konya-style beans and perfectly balanced ingredients, Piyazcı Ahmet’s piyaz is a true gastronomic masterpiece. To complete your meal, indulge in their mouthwatering baked pumpkin dessert. Piyazcı Ahmet offers great value for money, with reasonable prices that won’t break the bank.

  • Opening Hours: Open every day from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
  • Address: Altındağ Mah., 166. Sk., No: 29/A, Özkoç Apt., Muratpaşa

Piyazcı Sami’nin Yeri: Where Tradition Meets Authenticity

Established in 1933 by Mustafa Anaç Bey, Piyazcı Sami’nin Yeri holds a special place among Antalya’s historical culinary establishments. The restaurant’s name pays homage to Mustafa Bey’s son, Sami Bey, who played a pivotal role in transforming the place into a renowned dining destination. Today, the restaurant is operated by the third generation of Sami Bey’s relatives, with Recep Bey at the helm. Piyazcı Sami’nin Yeri is not only known for its rich history but also for being one of the first locations to serve piyaz in Antalya. Its reputation as a pioneer has attracted a significant following.

At Piyazcı Sami’nin Yeri, the star of the show is undoubtedly the Antalya piyaz. However, alongside the signature piyaz, you can enjoy other delectable offerings such as grilled köfte and baked pumpkin dessert. The Antalya piyaz, made with tahini and onions, features perfectly cooked beans sourced from Konya. In fact, Antalya piyaz received a geographical indication certification from the Antalya Chamber of Commerce in 2018, with Recep Bey being the knowledgeable informant. In addition to the Antalya piyaz, you can start your meal with a comforting bowl of lentil soup, followed by the classic combination of grilled köfte and tahinli piyaz. To conclude your culinary journey, don’t miss the opportunity to relish their delectable baked pumpkin dessert.

  • Opening Hours: Open every day from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
  • Address: Elmalı, 25. Sk., No: 1, Muratpaşa

Şişçi Ramazan’s Place

If you’re craving a delicious skewered kebab in Antalya, one of the places you must visit is Şişçi Ramazan’s Place. With its enduringly delicious flavors, this restaurant has been welcoming both local and international tourists for years without compromising its authentic charm. It maintains a clean and casual atmosphere, reminiscent of a traditional local eatery. Conveniently located within walking distance of Kaleiçi, it is easily accessible. For those arriving by car, there is a parking service available next to the restaurant.

Şiş köfte (skewered meatballs), tahini-based piyaz (bean salad), and döner made from veal are among the famous dishes at this establishment. The skewered meatballs are a combination of lamb and goat meat, and they are served with a variety of salad options. Additionally, complimentary tea and coffee are offered after the meal. When you visit, make sure to try their renowned köfte and piyaz. For dessert, the tahini and walnut pumpkin dessert is highly recommended. The prices at Şişçi Ramazan’s Place are generally similar to other similar restaurants in Antalya.

  • Opening Hours: Open every day from 07:30 AM to 11:30 PM.
  • Address: Kızılsaray Mah., Yener Ulusoy Blv., Bilgiç Apt., No: 44/F, Muratpaşa, Antalya.

Topçu Kebap: A Taste of Time-Honored Tradition

Topçu Kebap holds the distinction of being one of Turkey’s oldest restaurants, with its roots tracing back to 1885 when it was founded by Mehmet Arıkan in Antalya’s Muratpaşa district. As the city’s oldest eatery, Topçu Kebap proudly upholds a legacy of culinary excellence. Mehmet Arıkan, known for his robust physique and contribution as a cannoneer, earned him the nickname “Topçu Mehmet” due to his ability to manually handle and load cannonballs. Today, the restaurant stands in its original location, carefully restored to preserve its historical charm. Step into this timeless venue and immerse yourself in a culinary journey through history.

At Topçu Kebap, the menu is centered around their specialty: kebabs. Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of their köfte, piyaz, tavuk şiş (chicken skewers), pilav üstü döner, and yaprak döner (rolled döner). The köfte, made from the finest lamb meat, is grilled to perfection, while the döner is meticulously cooked over a wood fire, imparting a distinct smoky aroma.

Complemented by their signature roasted pepper and onion garnish, the köfte and döner combination is a match made in culinary heaven. And to end your meal on a sweet note, delight in their luscious Arab kadayıfı (shredded pastry) and tulumba desserts. Topçu Kebap offers a dining experience that transcends time, capturing the essence of tradition with its generous portions, extraordinary flavors, and historic ambiance.

  • Opening Hours: Open Monday to Saturday from 12:00 PM to 08:30 PM. Closed on Sundays.
  • Address: Elmalı, Kazım Özalp Cad., No: 21, Muratpaşa

Volkan Şişçi Kadir’s Place

Located in the Kepez district of Antalya, Volkan Şişçi Kadir’s Place is a small family-owned restaurant. Despite its small size, it offers a wide range of delectable dishes that are sure to impress. The restaurant’s culinary excellence has even caught the attention of renowned food critic Vedat Milor, who visited and rated it. Many other celebrities have also dined here. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a famous meal in Antalya at reasonable prices, this is the restaurant to visit.

Tahini-based piyaz, lamb skewers, skewered meatballs, and cacık (yogurt and cucumber dip) are some of the dishes on the menu. Each item on the menu offers a feast of flavors that will delight your taste buds. Even the complimentary tırnak pide (nail bread) served under the skewers provides an explosion of taste. Although Volkan Şişçi Kadir’s menu is extensive, the most popular choices among customers are undoubtedly the skewered meatballs and Antalya piyaz.

The skewered meatballs are made from a blend of beef and lamb meat and are cooked only over wood-fired grills. The restaurant’s exceptional taste is the result of meticulous attention to detail and dedicated work. In conclusion, when visiting Antalya, be sure to add this restaurant to your itinerary and don’t leave without trying their köfte piyaz. The skewered meatballs are served with roasted peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes, depending on the season.

  • Opening Hours: Open from Monday to Saturday, from 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM. Closed on Sundays.
  • Address: Güneş Mah., Yeni Toptancı Hal, Altınova Cad., No: 840, Kepez, Antalya.

Vahap Usta Meat Restaurant

Located on a main street in Antalya’s Konyaaltı district, Vahap Usta Meat Restaurant is easily accessible and attracts the attention of meat enthusiasts. With a spacious and stylish interior, the restaurant provides a comfortable dining environment and caters to both steakhouse and kebab house preferences. If you find yourself in Antalya, consider paying a visit to Vahap Usta Et Restaurant. Additionally, the restaurant offers reasonable prices without compromising on taste and quality.

Vahap Usta Et Restaurant presents a diverse menu for lunch and dinner, focusing on quality, cleanliness, and flavorful meat dishes. The menu includes a wide selection of soups, desserts, appetizers, salad varieties, meat dishes cooked in a skillet, and köfte (meatball) and burger options. One of the highly recommended dishes is the charcoal-grilled chicken.

However, please note that it is only available in the late afternoon. Specialties such as spiced head, mushroom, roast meat, and the essential Antalya piyaz salad are also worth trying. To conclude your meal, indulge in the delightful ice cream-filled katmer dessert. Alongside the meal, complimentary tea, coffee, and, depending on the season, watermelon are offered. Vahap Usta Et Restaurant welcomes guests from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM, providing ample time for a satisfying dining experience.

  • Address: Gürsu Mah., Atatürk Blv., Konyaaltı (Across Falez Hamam), Merkez, Antalya.

Tiritcizade Restaurant

Tiritcizade Restaurant is one of the establishments that brings the finest and most special dishes of Konya cuisine to Antalya. Known for its traditional Konya and Turkish cuisine, the restaurant captivates many with its delectable offerings. The interior of the restaurant is tastefully decorated, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for diners. If you’re interested in trying regional dishes in Antalya, a visit to this restaurant is a must. It is advisable to make an online reservation before your visit to ensure a smooth dining experience.

Tiritcizade Restaurant boasts an extensive menu that caters to various tastes. Among the highlights are the different varieties of tirit, a traditional dish consisting of meat and broth-soaked bread. The menu includes tirit tandır (roast meat tirit), tirit bonfile (filet mignon tirit), tirit tavuk (chicken tirit), tirit kavurma (sautéed meat tirit), and more. Alongside the tirit dishes, you can also find traditional Konya soups, such as bamya çorbası (okra soup) and Arap aşı çorbası (Arap aşı soup).

The restaurant offers a range of cold and hot appetizers, salad options, and desserts to enhance your dining experience. For a complete meal, you can start with bamya çorbası, enjoy a tirit dish as the main course, and end with höşmerim tatlısı (a traditional Konya dessert) or fırın sütlaç (baked rice pudding). It’s worth noting that some customers find the prices at Tiritcizade Restaurant to be slightly higher compared to other dining establishments.

  • Opening Hours: Open every day from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM.
  • Address: Altınkum Mah., Atatürk Blv., Nadir Apt., D: 151/A1, Konyaaltı, Antalya.

Paçacı Şaban

Paçacı Şaban is a small family-owned restaurant that was established in 1950 in Kalekapısı, Antalya. Over the years, the restaurant relocated several times and is now situated in Tahılpazarı. The founder of the restaurant, Şaban Usta, was a skilled and disciplined chef who started his career in Finike and Korkuteli.

With dedication and perseverance, the business grew, and Paçacı Şaban became renowned in the industry. Today, the restaurant is run by Şaban Usta’s grandchildren. Despite receiving numerous offers to open additional branches, they have chosen to maintain the quality of their dishes and have thus declined those opportunities.

Paçacı Şaban specializes in paça soup, offering varieties such as kelle paça (head tripe), ayak paça (foot tripe), beyin paça (brain tripe), and their signature dish, simitli paça çorbası (paça soup served with a simit bread topping). Each bowl of soup is specially prepared and exclusive to the restaurant. If you find yourself in Antalya, it is highly recommended to visit Paçacı Şaban and indulge in their healing paça soups. Apart from the various tripe soup options, you can also try their appetizing kabak tatlısı (pumpkin dessert) as a sweet treat.

  • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours, every day of the week.
  • Address: Öğretmenevleri Mah., Öğretmenler Cad., No: 27/A, Konyaaltı, Antalya

Paşa Bey Kebap Ve Lahmacun

One of the places in Antalya where you can enjoy delicious kebabs and lahmacun is Paşa Bey Kebap Ve Lahmacun Salonu. Established as a family business by Ömer Aydın, this kebab salon is located on Işıklar Caddesi. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, a children’s play area, and is also a suitable place for celebrating special occasions. It is frequently chosen for business meetings, gatherings, and special events. The indoor space is spacious and elegantly designed. The service is fast, and the staff members are friendly, making it one of the places that have won the hearts of customers.

The menu of this restaurant includes a variety of soups, kebabs, salads, lahmacun, beverages, döner, and specialties. Some of the restaurant’s specialties include spicy ezme (tomato and pepper dip), poppy seed kebab, abu gannuç, and paşa kebabı. If you find yourself in Antalya, we recommend visiting this place. Here, you can try sarma beyti, lahmacun, and Mardin katmeri. Spicy ezme and çoban salatası (shepherd’s salad) are served as appetizers alongside the meals. When it comes to price-performance ratio, the restaurant offers a balance between price and taste.

  • Opening Hours: Open every day of the week from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM.
  • Address: Gençlik Mah., 1319 Sk., No: 4, D: 1, Muratpaşa.

Sıralı Kebap

Sıralı Kebap is one of the restaurants serving Turkish cuisine in Antalya Lara. It has managed to become one of the best places in Lara as an alternative to the fish restaurants located in Antalya Lara region. In addition to various kebab options, the restaurant also offers dishes from Turkish and Ottoman cuisine. The restaurant is beautifully and tastefully decorated, attracting the attention of customers. If you’re looking for a peaceful and delicious dinner in Antalya, you can choose this restaurant.

Perde ciğer (liver wrapped in caul fat) and içli köfte (stuffed bulgur balls) are among the dishes you can try here. You can also consume alcohol with your meals in this restaurant. The most preferred combination by customers here is kebab and rakı. We recommend trying gavurdağı salad as a salad and Lübnan mezesi (Lebanese meze) as an appetizer.

The prices are considered expensive, but the generous portions and delicious taste make up for the higher prices. If you plan to visit, you can reserve your table online. Lastly, when evaluated in terms of price-performance ratio, the prices can be considered reasonable compared to the taste.

  • Opening Hours: Open every day of the week from 11:30 AM to 12:00 AM.
  • Address: A. Çağlayan Mah., Eski Lara Cad., No: 419, Merkez


Antalya is not only a destination for sun-soaked beaches and ancient wonders but also a culinary paradise brimming with authentic Turkish flavors. As you explore the vibrant streets of Antalya, be sure to discover these hidden gems, each offering a unique dining experience that will captivate your senses. Embrace the flavors of Antalya and embark on a culinary journey that will truly

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